I ran

You came.

I failed

You saved.

I hurt you

But still, you loved me.

Jesus, I know

You will never ever give up on me.

Saved Festival 2014

Recap to one of the most amazing nights ever. 10/11/14

Faithful - That is your name.

No one else can save my soul. No one else can make me whole.

Jesus You have won me. Your radical love surrounds me.

Now I sing.

Take my heart Lord it is Yours.

Oh it is Yours.

It is Yours.

There’s no sin too great & no pain too deep.

"People think we’re a girl band."

Lord, break my heart and give me Yours.

He heals the broken hearted.

He finds those forgotten.

He is Love. He knows your name.

A powerful message from Mr. Francis Chan!

Israel Houghton & New Breed

What’s overwhelming about this night is no matter how amazing it felt, heaven is a hundred million times better.

Jesus, shine your light and let the whole world see. 

We’re singing for the glory of the risen King.

Your love is so magnetic.

It keeps pulling me closer in.

I finally found what I was missing.

V v v fun party in God’s presence! Plus, we got to be included in the live recording of Israel Houghton & New Breed’s new album.

"The loudest Christians are in Manila!"

We were so passionate in worship that we didn’t realize it was almost 1 am!

Closing song- Jesus at the center.
I honestly teared up. (actual sobfest the entire night, but this song has a special place in my heart, soooo)

Indeed, Saved Festival 2014 was a night to remember!

Oops, almost forgot the most important part. :-)

There is no other name by which we can be saved.

For salvation can only be found in 

Acts 4:12

  • Me: goodnight moon
  • Moon: I cannot sleep, for each fragment of dream is but a tease for fleeting moments that can never be
  • Me: alright